170 - How to “Experience” the Word of God

March 2, 2012
How do you "experience" the Word of God?  Well, for openers, you do more than just read it like a John Grisham novel or college textbook on quantum physics.

You must not just "read" the text, you must learn to "live" in it.

In order to "experience" the Word of God you have to place yourself in the text, you have to become part of the story, you have to allow the Holy Spirit to teach you how to lose yourself in the Scriptures so they become more than simply words on a page.  No, they become living and active and God-breathed.  They become life to you and your source of strength and assurance.

"But how?" you ask.  "How can I learn to do that?"  Great question.  Keep listening.

The following is a study on How to Experience the Word of God.