180 - Truths About God and Life

July 19, 2012
Sometimes, when difficult times come our way, it helps to reflect on God and the truths He reveals to us about His character and life in general.  And it would literally take a lifetime to attempt to understand all the truths about God.

But let's just list ten... our Top Ten.  And they deal with God's sovereignty, His love, His choice of us from the foundation of the world, trust that destroys worrry and doubt, living in His Kingdom and now the kingdom of Satan, that God is for us even when we are not for Him, that nothing we do can separate us from the love of God, the entire promise and hope of heaven... and the fact that He promised us an abundant life today.  Whew.  Overwhelming, isn't it.

If you need some encouragement... then you'd better keep listening.

The following is a study on ten truths about God.