156 - The Vine and the Branches, Part II

July 21, 2011
The players from John 15:

One, Jesus is the Vine... all of the Vine.  He is the roots, the stalk, the leaves... literally, He is everything. 

Two, we, as Believers, are the branches of the Vine.  We are a part of the Vine, not separate and distinct from the Vine, but connected to the Vine to serve a specific purpose.  And what is that purpose?  To bear the fruit of the Vine.  Note, we don't create the fruit for our own use, we just bear it.  And why?  For what purpose? 

Three, for the enjoyment and glory of the Vinedresser, God the Father.  

But there is so much more.  Keep listening.

The following is a study on John 15:1-8.