172 - Trying to Steal a Healing from Jesus

March 31, 2012
Our personal perceptions of God often, unfortunately, determine how we view Him and how we approach Him.  And sometimes these perceptions are not directly related to Him, but to others who have impacted our lives in a less than positive way.

For example, if we have an earthly father who is harsh or unforgiving or can't be trusted to care for his children, it's a small step to then assume that our Heavenly Father is just like our earthly father.  Or, if our earthly father is weak and spineless and wants to be loved by everyone rather than doing what is right... well, we assume that God also has that hurtful character trait.  And these faulty perceptions give us a flawed view of who God is and how He responds to each of us.  

The woman who tried to steal a healing from Jesus is a classic example of this.  Keep listening, for there is much we can learn from her story. 

The following is a study on Seeing God Clearly.